Four Fine Walls

from by The Grammar Club



Your hand always feels so good in mine
Well dilly-dally no way baby, hey, we're losing time
Bombs and bullets are just part of the scenes
And at the end your time is written like you've got a disease
So let's Split before you're ending up in a freezer
They put you on the cover till they don't really need ya
The hype gets out there and the book gets sold
But then they push ya stage left before your story gets told.

Move, move, slide to the
move, move, slide to the
drink, drink, bottle of,
drink, drink, bottle of

I'm not crazy, maybe I have a dream
No you're not the victim baby, I need you save me
Let's make it the last scene, move on to the big screen
Know we're way too freaking indie to ever go mainstream
You're the love of my life, hope you dig that
Say you gotta lotta luggage, we can lift that
In no time they'll be wanting us dead
Or I swear they'll have ya wearing little more than a tread

Move, move, slide to the
move, move, slide to the
drink, drink bottle of,
drink, drink bottle of

What’s the worst thing that could happen if we were to bust out of
these four fine walls?
Creeping tempers flare we’ll find our answers there beyond
these four fine walls
sure can bring it on

She walks down the darkest alleys
She got her bag clutched close to her breast
She takes her keys, hands shaking badly
Chest, tight like hallways, ain't that always

The way I see a damsel in distress
Princess not in this one but the next
And we wait, as we watch with some bated breath
For a caped crusader to save her from death

Cuz all I'm seeing is repetitive penmanship
That's steady lacking in ettiquette to feminist aesthetic , it's
Strictly irrelevant, a tree house no more
With a no girls allowed sign hung on the front door

And she's surrounded by walls closing in
She's feeling trapped, forced into the poses
Outfits that cut off her circulation, toes
And fingers into fists as she breaks through the fourth wall

Like John Cusack at his finest
We can leave these walls behind us
Skip the panels then get off of the page
Were not the first to do it baby, just check out my boy Wade
And screw what the fans say, they made it go this way
Jason paid with a Joker wielded crowbar to the brain
Start to feel like all our issues and our days are numbered
But I promise we can find a new world that we can discover
I'm on a brand new crusade
Out to prove there's more to life than the number ya get paid
The number of stock sold, you can't keep it on the shelf
You can bring entire armies, I can do this by myself, uh huh
You're my Wonder Woman and my Power Girl
If I had my druthers I would tell entire worlds
But first we gotta move away from this curse
Everyday we live with danger so how could it get worse? Huh?


from Bioavailable, released March 8, 2013
Guest vocals by Adam Warrock
Guitar by Ty Guenley




The Grammar Club New York, New York

Above art by Hex (

Album art by Ricky Henry

Additional site art by Art League Houston

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