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MC Horse Rides Again!

by The Grammar Club

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I’m an American man in an American world with an American mouth. As an American, my purview is to fuck everyone who I want. Everyone in the world. Mr. Electric Car, who do you think this is? Mr. Look-How-Much-Gas-I-Can-Save-When-I-Drive-to-the-Store. Fuck you. I don’t know, cause I make it a point not to know. Hot Topic where I buy my clothes. Hot Topic where I ply my ho’s. Rock and roll ain’t got no soul. Just a dick and a wallet, and you can suck my wallet. First of all, lets all give a Fuck You To motherfuckers doing better than you Yo, fuck that, scrap that, on to the next shit Hit that. Quit that. Leave with a limp dick Fellate me while I eat this expensive ham She's cute, she's sweet, but don't shake her hand Cause you'll be gripping my seed, yo Shit's not greed, I just take what I need - just Bob your head, and clap those hands Don't like this shit? Bitch, fuck you, man! Shit's all class like they're three piece suits While you've been known to blow harder than coke addicted prostitutes Grammar Club's took that fucked up route I don't even fucking know what I'm rapping about *gibberish* I wanna write this song, yo, but I'd rather fuck your mother Ugh! I hear your bank’s going under the weather. Today’s a capital shame. Big daddy gonna buy you a bailout. Gonna keep whatever the same. Baby, look how well lipstick adheres to the face of this pig. Hot Topic where I buy my clothes. Hot Topic where I ply my ho’s. Rock and roll ain’t got no soul. Just a dick and a wallet. And you can suck my wallet. I got boats and hoes. Got nice stocks and clothes My weight in mistakes, you can pay for those Corporate account, gotta save the receipt Why live with defeat when there's lies and deceit? ...Rock a power suit Get sky high, stay safe, golden parachute Get in, get out, stay sharp, no witness Don't play around, this is serious business Shake my hand while I steal your retirement Didn't say one word when the fire hit Just lamp on a beach till it blows over You can't see these horns through my comb over Got pills for my impotency For the idiocy, and my vitamin b Shine up the cuff-links and I straighten the tie So pleased to meet you, and already I lie Yo, I got a paycheck. I’ma spend it. On what? Well, I know Hot Topic’s fairly highly recomended. While Palestine’s phosphorized, burried and nameless I’m fucking copping black shirts with hilarious phrases And I'm getting rather stressed out by this dumbass prohibition, yo Obama laughs about it but I'll carry out my mission Bandanna 'round my face, I throw a lyrical grenade When really all I want is just some medical grade You know that one does not simply walk into mordor, ‘nor the US. I’m sitting, rifle cocked, at the border. I ain’t a bad man. When they hopped the fence they took the rough route My country is the best, but you’d better stay the fuck out. My side is flawless and your side is misguided Be it a red state or a blue state, we're a country divided Remember countries we invaded? You remember the war? Frankly, I don't remember what the fuck we're fighting for Can I a get “Woo! Woo! Motherfucker, we are the best?” Where else could you survive on the size of your chest? Can you stick it in her asshole, in between her breasts. God bless. God bless. God bless your dick and your wallet. Bedding centerfolds. Rock they genitals Then attack ya with an army full of sentinels Team full of lawyers that search for the loopholes They got a prescription for cases of scruples Yeah, so trade your ethics for politics And spend your nights just trolling for tranny sex Best believe that nobody gotta see Bought some stock in Fox so don't fear the TMZ Black tie, see a woman, tell her I don't think that we've met You spent a fortune so that hooker keeps a secret Meet another who just lives off the trust fund And has no problem fuckin around on her husband Work the circuit so I'm getting around They fall in love with the sound, I'm fuckin owning this town Beef Thompson might as well be ten feet tall With a five foot dick and two eight pound balls
Sixteen missed calls. Bret is hiding underneath his desk, wondering if he still has a job, and should he start a new life as a Buddhist monk. Heather treated Bret so mean. The ghost inside the answering machine is threatening to make him try to fuck her. You don't wanna do that...but yeah you do You know that she's a crazy bitch, so dude what are ya trying to prove? I can tell you should wanna jet, don’t really wanna make her wet Consider making it easier... Breaking up with Bret. And he don’t know what’s good for him. And that’s exactly what she counts on. And he don’t know what’s good for him. And that’s exactly why she’s breaking up with Bret. Afraid to go downtown. Sees her face in every coffee shop around the corner. Hides behind a car. It’s solid snake. She kicks his ass. It doesn’t hurt. Your knight in shining skull T-shirt is here. She tells him “It’s about damn time he is.” He dated lovely girls possessed of lovely smells. They treated him very well. That made him bored as hell. For six months off and on he tried to maintain his stance. The stirring in his pants. It put him in a trance, thinking about Heather. It's that, juicy addiction that has clouded his thoughts He takes it over to the bar because it makes sense with shots Staying the fuck buddy of a lady who's too lovely To describe with mortal words, but every night another t-shirt bloody With every broken screen, another fantasy Stabbed with verbal arrows but with damaged thoughts of vanity Cause he's been happy before, but he has also been bored Brain has some corruption cause that data never seems to be stored But he'd remember every way she'd move and shiver Every time that he would touch her like a lover with his finger But Bret has to stay strong and stop thinking with his center Let her call until the Octagon no longer wants to enter I sent a box containing six white envelopes, consecutively labeled “do not open until thirty days after the last one.” Each contained a single later, reminding Bret that if he tried to talk to her her he couldn’t help but try to fuck her Boots outside the door. She takes her clothes off where his eyes can see. Get you harder than a magazine. Rigor mortis like a mausoleum . Yes. Yes. Less is more, he tries to convince himself. His self esteem is up and on the shelf. Can’t get no mental health sticking it to Heather.
Test--testing. Girls don’t care what the song’s about. They just want to shake their ass. Shake their ass. Girl’s don’t care what the song’s about. They just want to shake their ass. Yeah! Yeah! Ghosts don’t care what the song’s about. They just want to haunt their rooms. Haunt their rooms. Ghosts don’t care what the song’s about. They just want to haunt their rooms. Girls don't care about production, they just want the beats Loop it up, move they ass as the song repeats Promoters pulling pretty ladies off the streets And the DJ in the booth will un-fill those seats Gotta get em on the dance floor, it's going down Blond in the corner pounding one more round Gotta build the courage before she starts to shake Think she knows a single lyric? That's a huge mistake Even in the dorm room, ignore the words She don't need to know the meaning, that shit's for nerds Upset, cause she doesn't have a thing to wear Songs about apathy, but the girl don't care She cares about the drums and she loves the bass And it all sounds better with the pills she takes Arriving to party like she's Underdog She hates half the girls, but she loves my song Proton pack that I wear on my back Knows right where you're at, so I'm on the attack To get the little ghosts and the ghouls and the goblins Older married couple almost passed out when they saw em Ghosts like to jam when they bump at night But don't care for melody, there just here for fright But if we stay out of sight and my plan goes right We're gonna have three ghosts in the trap tonight Dead but don't wanna go, nothing on the stethoscope, they just don't wanna leave Just wanna take it slow, but I say they gotta go, or they have to deal with me Haunt all ya want till you decompose You've got chains round your neck, wearing dead man's clothes So have all your fun in that old saloon Cause you'll all leave soon when this man goes boo But what when they cross? Gotta a girl that's a corpse And she haunts on the floor, ass shakes with a force A specter of white, she's a beauty believe And she says Beefy-T is her favorite MC So what am I like suppose to do? Rather taboo, she's a beautiful ghoul In it too deep, everything could go wrong But before I can speak, I'm the king of ghost prom These girls got down but they never got up But still wanna dance when the casket shut Stumbled on a world and it shouldn't exist Wrong kind of goosebumps when she gives me a kiss Here in this place and I don't belong Makes me think that I might have been a corpse all along Seems to make sense but I might just be wrong Because these ghost girls still don't give a damn bout the song
Mad sex appeal, but it ain't doing nothing Turn to a badass, bloop, hit the button Tried to be friends, but those dickholes be fronting Hang with your lady cause she always up to something Whispers "Beef, I be ready to go" Head right down to the liquor store Just go fast cause I can't do slow Don't worry cause I don't love no more Race all day but the gears they rust Pretty little smile with a face you trust Resurrect like it's From The Dust Sit on my face? Baby that's a must I can't believe it, but I think I'm stealing your girlfriend They way I come and make ya move you swear that I was a whirlwind But I promise, just a pastor with a message of hope Your messiah, syronarra, taking shots with the Pope Scientists and metalists don't believe that I exist Chupacabbra, but no cabbra, just replace it with tits Like a teacher with no lesson. PhD is in bliss I'm in your basement with your bong, I'm taking really big rips But I was here from the start, better than you all Was hated when I said it, but no one was yelling False Thought that we should bring it back, you can reminisce And if you didn't like the first one you can suck on our dicks so don't Play with it baby, yo just put it to work Call rapper, call me Beefy, or just call me a jerk Yeah ya know me from tw3rp. Maybe know me from the webternets I'm rocking for the tattooed hotty playing with your starter decks There is no fun to be had All the pain and mistakes won't go away No thought, I'm just taking a drag But the girl round the corner always knows just what to say And maybe I'm wrong Or maybe I'm the rightest motherfucker you haven't paid attention to in far too long But it ain't so bad When ya send yourself to heaven on a yeah yeah yeah!! Cool storm, I ride the lightning like Raiden Sadly still I just have one language to write in Poseidon is drowning me. I struggle to speak May the wicked be punished, earth goes to the meek So chic, I flutter to a finish like a monarch Seconds if ya need it to discover just who I are Or who I isn't, microphonin' is a business I'm not in it for the money, I'm just in it for the bitches A long time yo I've only known victory Haters be so sick of me, giving me no dignity Pacing and so jittery, stickin me with some bigotry Rocking some ring glittery, angry and contradictory They dissin' me! They must not know I'm known to fire back Hit ya with a heart attack and you ain't even 40 yet Silicon domes, get along little doggies I'm looking for nice hotties who wanna know somebodies Pay off the bad bobbies, in jail for narcotties Then hack you bank accounts with my buddy from the Rockies Try to stop me. Pretend like you could But I'll just smack your little bottom like your parents probably should But I was here from the start, better than you all Was hated when I said it, but no one was yelling False Thought that we should bring it back, you can reminisce And if you didn't like the first one you can suck on our dicks so don't Play with it baby, yo just put it to work Call rapper, call me Beefy, or just call me a jerk Yeah ya know me from tw3rp. Maybe know me from the webternets I'm rocking for the tattooed hotties playing with your starter decks
Normal 04:34
Click, click; lockstep robot a robot is a what I am. A lockstep robot is a.... Click, click; lockstep robot a robot is a what I am. A lockstep robot is a.... Fully manufactured personality Same words just babbling, how long has this been happening? I...could never been the same as you I am far from a conformist and I like the things I do If you don't, well that's cool, I'm not doing it for you See I'm doing this for me, but you're allowed to disagree That's the beauty of the system, everyone has the ability To be a little snowflake, everybody individually But you, you'd rather scrape at the bottom of the bucket You can tell the trend setters and their cronnies they can suck it And anybody who don't like me well I tell em that I love it Cause I've got me silly rhymes than that homie from Nantucket ...But you can be a carbon copy Another stressed out little version of your mommy And your sister and your dad, purging everything that's bad Super shining smile with two eyes that are so sad I want to be normal. Redundantly normal. I want to do everything like it’s been done twice before. No need to feel special. No need to be different. Don’t want to do anything like it’s not done anymore. You talk about a life, but you ain't living it You're just a major liar and an idiot You refuse to be yourself You just suck and sap from everybody until there's nothing left Then produce another woe is me Ya say your heavy medicated and your living with the enemy But nobody can trust you, you refuse to stand up For yourself, for your friends, and it's fedding us up Feel I’ve been Ctrl+Alt+Deleted Banished from this culture just because I don’t believe it You’d rather just do as expected But I steady wrecked it, so I don’t get infected So I guess I gotta do for mine Maybe lace this rhyme with a piece of mind And a scrape of heart, leading through the dark While you’re walking through your life with a question mark What should you do? What should you say? Sorry baby, but I’m not a shrink today But in times of need, you can take my hand Be and individual, I’ll help you understand They want your cash and to keep you down And keep those bad feelings around Been programmed to do as your told But I broke that mold at three years old
I’m so huge. As big as two people. Feel so used. I might have to make my own team. I want to be all alone. I don’t need anyone else because I’m so fucking big, I’m like the lord of the elves. I want to be all alone, here in my own little hell because I’m so fucking big I fill a team by myself. I get the feeling that ya think I might be sensitive To my gigantic features, you should know it's all just relative, cause - I Get to living, if I die, it's different If my - time is coming, then I'll - fight the system, alright The way these sips.. slip right through both my lips Makes me bigger than Godzilla and Joan Holloway's tits, so you can Join the roster, but you'll stay on the shelf Beefy is so fuckin big, he is a team by himself And this is dedicated to those people that I've hated My image been defaced and all my skills have been debated Concentrated on my work, sacrificed my own existence I know about the game, but I don't care about my fitness I might as well be the entire Grammar Club Spill over into Dual Core, In Wu-Tang I would be enough Assistance is appreciated, but it's not required Feel free to retire, my solo is so desired Boosh baby! Maybe you should come around another time Eleventy against Beefy, you know that I'll be quite alright Don't make me tell you again, I don't require a friend So please see yourself out, don't let the door hit your end Problem with my thyroid, naw I think that it's a gift Tummy tuck me if ya wanna but I'm known to make it rip Heed the words I speak, and no, I don't overlook The irony in the fact that I'm not the one on the hook
Unemployment 04:33
The worst they could do here if fire me. That wouldn’t be so bad. I left all my unproductive days behind me. Whoa! Unemployment is the best job I ever had. I'm feeling blessed on this fine shiny day Living a life that my government pays Got onto the wrong path, jumped in the life raft On my way to shore and yo I'm having me a blast Big brother keeping tabs like he on watch Checking in on Sunday mornings, hope ya don't get caught Cause I, took a little bit of me time Should I fight or survive, man I cannot decide Feeling so fine, so I choose me the future And the girl that's back my back and a good sense of humor I don't wanna shuffle like the ones that have before Hit my head against the wall, don't know if I can reform New administration said to give me more time Work your noggin if ya wanna or get back to the grind Meanwhile, we'll do our best to re-access the deficit Working hard for you because we know you don't have benefits Anymore, won't ignore, spend time with a centerfold Delivery for Beefy, stack of money buddy, here ya go Now go do what you do best and please don't make us regret The fact that each and every week our system spits out a check So I guess I gotta represent for country Cause they were throwing dollars back when nobody would love me It's a little funny knowing tea party hates me Spending hours on some signs, while I'm spending at Macy's I ain't got no time, to super hella blunted Cause my last album was a little Obama funded And I gotta lot of guilt built up, about my situation Knowing I'd be homeless if the idiots vote Sarah Palin Tell all my friends that I got to leave them. Tell them I said I’m sorry. Heading upstate now to get some freedom. What are we working for anyway? Ain't you that Beefy from Wired? Well guess what buddy your fired Log off your compy, come with me, security is required We never trusted you, so what makes you think that we'll start now We've been watching you for weeks and writing it all down And instead of checking in on our investment Rather kick you too the curb owning a lifetime of resentment Before you hit the bar, please go talk to H&R Sign a paper saying you know we don't want you anymore How you feeling? I'm just kidding man. I do this everyday Every leader has been fired. What's the thing that Clooney say? Have yourself a nicer weekend, hope you have a pleasant life Hope the fact that you got fired doesn't angerfiy the wife Picking up a knife -- won't alleviate the payments But I'll feel better if my Expedition puts him in the pavement Check the bank statement, it's Schaffer's favorite color I wanna hunt you down and find you and murder your little brother --but.. I think everything's gonna be just fine Maybe I can focus on the rhyme if I have time And after one month of feeling life's a disaster I got that big lump sum, so that I feel like the master Outlook sunny with a chance of success Attendance used to be atrocious now who's acing the test? I got my swagger back, now I love my style You can try to tear me down, but you can't break this smile Blight on society? Maybe I guess But they don't pay their taxes either, don't know what their against But I digress, don't wanna obsess I'd rather focus on the girly who is getting undressed And we can sex all the doubt away I mean what better way to spend a Saturday I got laws here to circumvent. Thank you mister President Tuesday rolls around, I got my check, gonna represent
Five to six years, I read. Five years to get your ass in check before you leave your keys in the mailbox and you drive away. While heaven’s gone, the bank made god your predatory lone shark, selling all the babies little pieces of USA. I’m drinking milk and I’m lifting weights to make my heart like tectonic plates. If Satan finds me, I hope he’ll pay no mind to me. Forgoing handshakes for balling fists in the upcoming tectonic shift. Oh heaven help me, you know she’ll be so kind to me Be so kind to me Be so kind to me An old, conservative white-wash was all the change we needed. I’m a stock portfolio on Styrofoam paper plates. Gradually, all will learn to be Ronald McDonald Ronald Reagan. Exercise your right to vote for your right to vote for four more years in this state. Feel the ground shakin’, it’s violent and earthquakin’ If you listen closly you can hear the sounds of hearts breaking Mob bosses working at the bank and from my line I can only get an APR that hits the skyline Lost the deposit when human nature returns Cutting stars into my sideburns, yo, when will he learn? When will you be with me? I’ll cover the rent And I will never ever tell ya when I do not have a cent Haha I’m learning metric and saying grace doing karate and saving face converting dollars into foreign currency My mother’s ceiling. My father’s floor. My uncle’s Commodore 64. Oh! Heaven help me. You know she’ll be so kind to me. Full moon sets the stage, got a bowl full of Fruit Loops I plug into the universe and show off all my moves No more can ya learn, you’re long in the tooth And please don’t pull out and shoot because I told ya the truth May not be simple baby but it get easier When the things that you see in her don’t make her superior (Hell no!) Can’t change that she’s sharing a breath But you can rip apart the plates until nobody is left Be so kind to me.
Crashing cars. Awarding stars. You took the test and then you passed it straight into a casket. Cars Can go so far. You hit the bar and then surpassed it. Crashing car. Awarding stars. Crashing cars, awarding stars We are hardly scarred cause the cars are hard Only thin drivers, we bar Babar But I will leave a car burning like Charizard It's party time, we don't got no Heinekens at all We just got a bunch of cars, gonna drive em into walls Ungh, I'm a horse bitch, giant are my balls While you're a shook pussy hella hiding in the stall Come on out, strap yourself in We're bout to crash these cars and crash em again Just wreck rides as fast as you can It's a car crash race and the first to ten wins Get a speed high then crash like you're a user If you think it's a hard drive, crash like a computer That was a dope crash! Who was in the car? Oh, it was you? Well then you will get a star Barnyard flowing, check out Beefy with his horses About to smash his Taurus with dense kinetic forces Check out all your sources and study for your courses Before ya find yourself with a bad a case of rigor mortise My stars are always showing cause I'm never ever boring Pour while I'm recording, but I’m sober in the morning Wrapped around a flagpole, thinking I'm an asshole Ya see the stars because of what I put inside the punch bowl Now your faded and your jaded bout my skills on the track Poor and dumb enough to know that I ain't talking bout rap I go a thousand-miles-an-hour and I only turn left By 500th lap, you will give me respect And when I smash and I crash then you all yell Wooo! Got a shell in the chamber and it's just called Blue Come from behind that's just how I do Long talk with your girl, she'll like, "yeah, that’s true" Don't be a pussy, get up the nerve I mean, accidents happen, you're just ahead of the curve My brother it's the same lesson that Edison learned If you don't try new things then you will never get birds Full throttle, pedal to the metal With a crash so loud it'd leave an elephant disheveled That's irrelevant though, and yo, hella you go Into hell, now there ain't room in hell anymo Gun it, you're good from here hood, spin the Goodyear Leave pigs wondering "why is there a hood here?" Chug a good beer and kill yourself In your vehicle, from San Fran to Philadelphia Use a Ford, Chevy or a Kia Do it for the fame and the fly senoritas Do it for the divas, do the cheeba cheeba Cause so many accidents, Obama's calling FEMA Just crash your car. You’re a star. You’re a winner, baby. Crash crash the car. Crash it into a wall. Just crash your car. Get a start. You’re a sinner, baby.


This album is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You have permission to play this album on your podcast or radio program. You may freely use this album in your non-profit multimedia project, so long as you credit The Grammar Club.


released December 25, 2010

MC Horse Rides Again! was produced by Shael Riley, Beefy, Ailsean, Mustin, Jon Titterington, C64, Adam "Adam!" Ruttan, Ricky Henry, Ty Guenley, and several varieties of Dan Wilkes. Our production budget was zero dollars

Album art and layout by Ricky Henry

Mastered by Ty Guenley




The Grammar Club New York, New York

Above art by Hex (zombiehiphophex.deviantart.com)

Album art by Ricky Henry and Joe Dunn

Additional site art by Art League Houston

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